A little about me

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A little about me

elliepost-1Hey guys! Welcome to my little blog where I’ll be sharing some of my personal stuff, projects I’m working on, people I meet and places I travel. To start off I’m not a writer and you’ll figure that out pretty fast but I do like to share my feelings, fears and goals sometimes. I’ve been putting away the idea of starting a blog out of the fear of not making sense but finally realized that sometimes things don’t make sense and it’s ok. We’re not perfect and so is life. You’re all are more then welcome to comment and ask question, I’ll be here to answer. As you probably already know I’m Ellie and I’m a lifestyle photographer with big love for food. It’s my passion and what makes me happy. I love the natural light and the softness it give to photos… I started my journey about 4 years ago but really got serious in 2011. I always knew I wanted to do art. Ever since I was a kid I loved drawing, singing and crocheting (yes I know) but it’s true. My mom was my inspiration. My dad was a creative as well. He loved photography and did it as a hobby all through my childhood. What a beautiful thing it is to record moments of happiness.

well I guess that’s it for now 🙂

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