Editorial shoot

As I was going through my older work I realized I never fully blogged this dreamy shoot I did with the talented Laciella Roselle. This was our first time working together after connecting over Instagram. There has been a dozen of emails with planning and preparation since we were in …


Spring is almost here people! The trees are blooming and it smells so good outside. I’m excited for all the new adventures that are going to take place when it gets warmer. So far I’ve been really enjoying California 🙂 Here’s a fun little shoot we did with Kayla.

San Francisco trip

I love random photoshoots and this was one of them. My sister and her husband came to visit us for a few days, and for Valentine’s day we decided to go to San Francisco. Oh boy, if you didn’t know it already, the traffic on that day was pretty crazy …

Valentine’s day special

Hi there boys and girl! I can finally share this shoot we did with Ashely just for Valentine’s day. And remember spread love, share love and but make it everyday not just today!

Mountain picnic

California weather makes me get outside and shoot, and that’s exactly what we did with Marce. We hiked down to the river in the mountains and set up a picnic to enjoy the outdoors. And although it’s pretty bare out at this time of the year it makes for a …


Hi guys! Been wanting to share this shoot with you all. Hope everyone’s having a bright start to their year. Enjoy!

Holiday season

Have you noticed that holidays make people happy? Somehow everyone’s mood is up in the clouds these days. It’s wonderful! Christmas brings peace and joy to people and that makes me smile. As most of you, I love this season of the year, not only because it’s Christmas and New …

Road trip to Cali

Let me just start out by saying “I’ve been missing you, West coast!” After spending a few years on the East side it was time for us to head back. So we made our move form North Carolina to Roseville, CA while stopping on the way to explore and visit …

Morning hangouts

A few weeks ago I got to spend my morning with these two beautiful ladies. We made a quick stop for drinks at Luna’s Living Kitchen and had a great time exploring the area.